About me

I’m Bob Daykin, and I am a Creative Director, writer, editor producer, presenter, webmaster, mentor, partner and leader, experienced in creating exceptional Tier 1/2/3 work, B2B, Experiential, Digital and Collateral.

My passion is connecting dots, using my talents to intensify ideas that can bond customers to brands, and in the process, help clients to see their own product in new ways.

This portfolio offers you a self-guided tour of my capabilities as told through projects I’ve enjoyed the most. To my partners, vendors, shooters, printers, producers and family, thank you. You have made this adventure in communication an absolute joy.

PS: Yes, friends, there is a Daykin, Nebraska, Pop. 256. It is named after my Great-Great Grandfather, and you can see it all – or most of it – from our Post Office in the center of town.