Creative Director

Hi. I’m Bob Daykin.
Creative Director. Copywriter. Freelancer. 360° Thinker. Needle Mover.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and see my work in consumer and B2B digital, collateral, training, video, broadcast and experiential.
In a hurry? Download a resume or contact me here.

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The nuts-and-bolts guy.

Turning complex, technical assignments into content that drives results is my thing. Bring me your endless immersion days and jargon yearning to be free. I have the tools to make it all work.

The 360-degrees of separation guy.

If your brief has a lot of moving parts and no instructions, we can fix that. I thrive on the challenge of crafting multiple elements into singular ‘aha!’ moments that encompass the totality of the brand.

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The passion spoken
(and written) here guy

Words have power. The right ones create the passion that moves the needle. So, expect a few questions and pointed discussions before we’re all done. I’ve found it makes everyone better.


Let me check my calendar ... yes. I'm available. I would love to hear from you!

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